March 17, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Places to Read

My bed is usually a pretty good reading spot year round. In the old house we had a tv in our bedroom, and I'd often crawl into bed with a book on a Sunday afternoon while Noel watched football.

In December I spent a LOT of time reading on the love seat next to the Christmas tree. We got Noel's parents' big hand-me-down tree this year, and it has white lights, which made it bright enough to read by treelight in the evenings. Perfect.

I "read" audiobooks on my phone anywhere and everywhere - while house-cleaning, driving, walking, grocery-shopping.

Sometimes I try to read on the futon in the play room/guest room while Eleanor is playing or watching a show. Usually that fails. And she ends up jumping on my stomach or something till I give up. Theoretically someday, when she's older, I'd love for us to have side by side quiet reading time!

I love it when I get to go read for a while at the library or a bookstore in peace and quiet. It happens rarely, and I treasure it. I was even kind of excited about a 40 minute wait at the dentist recently, because I got to sit and read (uninterrupted!) that whole time.

My new favorite morning/evening reading spot is the swing on our back porch. With my feet propped up on another chair, it's perfectly relaxing.

But I tried it the other day in the afternoon when it was 93, and got rather sweaty. So, looks like for the next 7 months or so my afternoon reading spot will have to be the couch inside! (Minus the fuzzy socks, now that it's warm...)

But really, I'll read wherever I get the chance. I don't mind looking nerdy if it gives me a chance to catch up on a book!

I'm curious, where do YOU like to read?

Edit: Siiigh. I wrote this on Friday night, and meant to schedule it for Sunday. But I got my dates mixed up. So if you subscribe in a reader, you probably got a sneak peek. And if it shows up twice for anyone, sorry!