About Me

Hi! Welcome to Quirky Bookworm!

I'm Jessica, a sorta blonde mom from Tucson, Arizona. I live with my awesome (and tall) husband Noel, our 7 year old Eleanor, our almost 4 year old Juliet, and about 1200 books.

I've been a bookworm all my life. I was totally that kid who spent my recesses in the school library. And who read under the covers by flashlight.

I worked at a local bookstore for more than six years (further fueling my book addiction and contributing to those 1200 books) took a five year hiatus to be a mostly stay at home mom and blogger, and am now back at the bookstore, plus also writing book reviews for Shelf Awareness.

I'm not actually blogging regularly any more (as of August 2016), so I won't be accepting any books for review. And a lot of my archive links broke when I lost my domain name. But, I hope you can poke around the archives a little bit, to see some of the hundreds and hundreds of books I reviewed over the 5 years I regularly blogged! Hint: if any links don't work, just add a ".blogspot" between the quirkybookworm and the .com.