About Me

Hi! Welcome to Quirky Bookworm!

I'm Jessica, a sorta blonde mom from Tucson, Arizona. I live with my awesome (and tall) husband Noel, our 6 year old Eleanor, our almost 3 year old Juliet, and about 1200 books.

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I've been a bookworm all my life. I was totally that kid who spent my recesses in the school library. And who read under the covers by flashlight.

I worked at a local bookstore for more than six years (further fueling my book addiction and contributing to those 1200 books) but in fall 2011 I quit to become a full-time mom and a part-time blogger and book reviewer.

I'm not actually blogging regularly any more (as of August 2016), so I won't be accepting any books for review. And a lot of my archive links broke when I lost my domain name. But, I hope you can poke around the archives a little bit, to see some of the hundreds and hundreds of books I reviewed over the 5 years I regularly blogged!