February 17, 2015

2015 Reading Goals and a Lenten Update

Normally I don't adjust reading goals till a little later in the year, but I've been reading so much so far this year that I thought it might be better to do a little update/tweak early!

Goal: read at least 20% nonfiction
How I'm doing: I've read 31 books so far this year, and I'm halfway through two more. Out of those 33, five have been nonfiction. So I'm running at about 15%. That means I'll be looking for another nonfiction title to throw into the mix this week.

Goal: have less than half the books I read be set in Europe
How I'm doing: I'm doing great on this one! Only 9 of the 33 have been set in Europe, thanks to a string of midwestern romances and some dystopian YA set in a futuristic America.

Goal: read more diverse authors
How I'm doing: I'm not sure exactly. I need to do more research into author ethnicity/background. I will say I've been reading a more diverse selection of genres - not all mystery and YA like 2014.

Goal: read 104 books
How I'm doing: Just a wee bit ahead of schedule, ha! I could take about 2 months off, and still probably hit my goal. 

Goal: walk more, move more, stress less, savor
As for my non-book goals: I've been hitting at least 8500 steps a day, and doing some sort of other exercise (squats, crunches, etc) for a few minutes each day. And I've deliberately said no to several things I wanted to say yes to, in an attempt to lower my stress levels. The one I really need to work on is to stop eating cookies.

Ever since I suggested to Sheila that she give up reserving library books for Lent, I've been pondering making a few switches in my own habits (especially cookie-related ones...) for that period. I've been mulling it over for a couple of days, and I've decided that I'm posting it now! Because if it's on the Internet, I will feel shamed into following through.

So here are the things I'm giving up/changing for Lent:

Give up: reading anything else till I've read a Bible selection
I've been following the E100 reading plan, but I've been, ahem, a little hit-and-miss. Which is just silly with all the reading I've been doing. I clearly have time for it.

Give up: reading on the Kindle when not necessary
I've been winnowing down my book collection, but I still have probably 30-40 on my shelves I've never read. I keep getting sidetracked by library books though. I have to read on the Kindle while I'm nursing the baby, but then if she's down for nap I want to set down the e-book and pick up a real book. 

Give up: eating snacks
I never quite lost all the baby weight after Juliet, which I wasn't too concerned with because I was comfortable, and felt active enough. But now a few more pounds have crept on, and my clothes aren't fitting well. I refuse to go back to the "fat jeans" which are lurking in the back of my closet. So I'm going to eat what I want for 3 meals a day, but quit snacking in between. I've been staying home more in an attempt to keep my ridiculously sickly children sort of healthy, and when I walk past the pantry a gajillion times a day, I tend to eat a million little snacks. Time to break that habit!

How are your goals/resolutions going?
Are you giving up anything for Lent?