October 15, 2012

31 Days of Awesome Kids' Books: First 100 Words (Bright Baby)

First 100 Words from Bright Baby was one of Eleanor's favorite books as young as 4 or 5 months old, and she still pulls it out and looks at all the pictures occasionally. It's so bright and happy colored, and she likes pointing at and naming each item. It's been fun to read it with her again and again over the months, because at first I was all proud when she could name one or two items on every page; but for a while now she's been "reading" it to me, since she knows them all.

First 100 Words

I like how it's grouped by theme, with a page dedicated to colors, a page of home items, a page of toys, a page of animals, a page of vehicles, etc. 

We also have another book from the same series that's smaller and easier to hold - it's called First 100 Animals.* At a bookstore recently I spied First 100 Words in that smaller edition, which might be nice because it'd be easier for a baby to hold alone. But, I think I prefer our big version (it's about 12 x 12 inches) because there's more to see at once. I used it to prop it up in front of Eleanor during 'tummy time' and it would occupy her for a solid 90 seconds... which is a loooong time in baby terms.

There are also a related series of Bright Baby Touch and Feel books that I like too. We own Colors, and we've checked out Hugs and Kisses and Playtime and others from the library. They're all cute, sturdy books with fun interactive elements - that I think would make a great baby shower gift or 1st birthday present!

What books do your babies like?

Rating: 5 out of 5
Recommended age: 0-3

This post is day fifteen of my 31 Days of Awesome Kids' Books. Don't forget that the giveaway from Day 14 is still open!
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*Because of this book, I was inspired to challenge my friend Meghan to see who could list the most different animals in a minute. She got about 20. I got about 40. Having a toddler keeps one surprisingly conversant in such things.