August 27, 2014

Reading Habits: The Survey Results

You guys, I had WAY too much fun making pie charts with survey results yesterday afternoon! I'm still culling through the answers that pertained specifically to Quirky Bookworm (ie, what you'd like to see more of around here) and I'm having fun with the lists of what books you've loved/hated this year.

But I couldn't wait to share the results of your reading habits!

Apparently most of you (like me) use whatever scrap of paper is handy to mark your page. I'm impressed that some of you remember your page numbers. I used to be able to do that. And then I had kids.

My friend Sherri is the one who suggested that I ask if people read till the end of the chapter. It looks like most people do (if possible). I purposely don't, however, because then my eyes inevitably skip to the half page at the beginning of the next chapter, and I have a harder time putting the book down. So I generally stop somewhere random.

I'm amazed how many people answered that they read more than 150 books a year. Impressive! Looks like the majority of people end up between 25 and 75. I'm excited that I should easily meet my goal of 104 (2 a week) this year.

I was entertained to see that except for the $25 - $75 range, almost all the other ranges of annual spending were completely equal! I'm honestly not sure about my total, but I know if we're talking trade credit, I'd be over $300. (Bookmans is where I do the majority of my book shopping.) I'm guessing maybe $70 in "real money"?

And last, but not least, looks like most people like to be comfy at home while they're reading. Aren't you people who read in the bathtub scared that you'll drop your book??

Did any of the survey results surprise you?