FAQ & Review Policy

Do you accept books for review?
I do not accept unsolicited books for review. Email me at quirkybookworm at gmail.com with specific questions. Apologies in advance if I don't email you back, but please do not add me to your mailing list without my permission.

How do you read so much with two small children?
Well, I'm a fast reader. And I make reading a priority in my life. Here are my 10 Tips for Reading More Often, if you want to read more too!

What are the best books you've read lately?
Here are my posts about the best books of 2010, the best books of 2011, the best books of 2012, and the best books of 2013. I didn't end up doing a final list in 2014, but here The Best 15 Books of 2015 and my Best Books of the Year (So Far) in 2016.

Do you have links to all of your 31 Days of Good Reads posts in one place?
Yup! Right here are the 31 Days of Good Reads. The 31 Days of Awesome Kids' books can be found here. And I also did 31 Days of Book Pics, twice

Got any recommendations for books/gifts to buy my bookworm friends?
I do indeed! Check out parts one, two, and three of my gift guide for Christmas 2011. I also wrote a post recommending unusual board books for gifts at baby showers, and one about the fun books I got for Christmas.