September 20, 2011

Stop Reading Books You Don't Enjoy

Stop Reading Books You Don't Enjoy: Why Even Bookworms Should Sometimes Quit Reading
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Sometimes - you should just quit reading. I'm not talking about books that are poorly written. For those I follow the 'eject' rule -- either 50 pages or 1 disc, depending on whether it's a hard copy or an audio book. If it doesn't have my interest by then, I'm done.

But what I'm talking about is a separate category from the ejected books. These are what I call the stalled books. Books that I started and got about halfway through, and then just quit. Sometimes this happens when I'm reading 4 or 5 books at once, and I put one down to focus on another one, and then I just never get back to it. Sometimes it happens when I find myself reading slower and slower, or I just inexplicably decide to set a book down and I don't pick it up again.

Curious about what some of my stalled books are? Here are a few sitting on my "unfinished" shelf on Goodreads.

They all sound interesting. They all held my interest for a while, but then they just didn't. And I can't really explain why. But there are too many books out there waiting to be read for me to waste time slogging through a book I'm not really enjoying.

Do you always finish a book?

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