March 29, 2013

Easter Book Recommendations

The Easter Bunny's Assistant

Did you know that Easter is Sunday? Of course you did! Because you remember to look at calendars.

Eleanor and I have been reading tons of Easter books in the last few weeks.

Like last year we've been reading The Story of Easter and Duck and Goose: Here Comes the Easter Bunny!

We read The Easter Bunny's Assistant (pictured above) a lot in February, till I got tired of it, and returned it to the library.

A very big hit has been Happy Easter, Curious George, which I've quite possibly read a million times already. In the book George mixes red and yellow dye to make an orange egg, etc, and it's spurred an OBSESSION with color combinations around here.

She also really likes What Is Easter? which my mom got her last year. It's full of pictures of little kids doing Easter egg hunts and eating chocolate bunnies and going to church, and on every single page Eleanor asks, "Who's that?" "What's his name?" "What's her name?" So it's a kind of time consuming read because I say "I don't know, just a kid" about 62 times. Hm, maybe I should make up names for them!

And, it isn't a holiday around here without the Maisy version. Happy Easter Maisy! isn't anything new or exciting, but it's cute, and it we liked it.

Got any exciting Easter plans? 

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