October 30, 2013

What I'm Into: the New Baby / Mermaid Edition


Well, technically Juliet is the one who's into nursing. But it means I spend a lot of time sitting around. For the first ten days of her life I just watched tv; but I'm easing back into reading finally. And seriously, this kid is a champ at nursing. She was back at birth weight when she was 3 days old, and she's already outgrown several pairs of newborn sized jammies. Sniffle. Thus I am also drinking GALLONS of water to keep up with her.


I read all of Allegiant (Loved it - I think?) Vaguely spoilerish mini-review ahead in white: highlight if you want to read it.  I liked that Tris finally grew up and quit whining all the time, and that Four figured some things out about himself and his past, and that their relationship matured. And I have to admire Veronica Roth's guts with the ending -- I don't think many authors would've done that. But geez, it made me BAWL MY EYES OUT.

I've also read about 100 pages of One Summer: America, 1927 ; and naturally I'm loving it. I have such a crush on Bill Bryson it's ridiculous. And I'm really enjoying A Rule Against Murder on audio. Louise Penny's books are set in Quebec, so it's fun to hear the French and English accents.


We cancelled Netflix for a few months, and got Hulu+ instead. So we're watching all. the. new. shows. Together Noel and I are watching Blacklist, Trophy Wife, Modern Family, and How I Met Your Mother. (We have very different drama tastes; so we kind of meet in the middle on comedies). He's watching Sleepy Hollow, which I tried, but it kept giving me nightmares. I'm watching Castle, Biggest Loser, Once Upon a Time, and Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. I was debating OUaT in Wonderland... but I'll have to cut Shield I think, or else I'll never get any reading done! Anyone else a fan of OUaTiW? (That's not an awkward acronym at all...)


Eleanor and I have done some Halloween/ autumnal crafting and baking. We made some seriously amazing applesauce the other day (I roasted the apples in the oven a la this recipe before pureeing them, and adding a little sprinkle of sugar and a bit of vanilla. YUM!). And we made fudge and some Halloween cookies, with a friend's help. Eleanor insisted this pumpkin only have one eye, because "It's Mike Wazouski dressed up as a pumpkin for Halloween." Ha!


Juliet's progressed to roughly 2.5 hour chunks of sleep at night; so I've been getting a total of 7ish hours at night usually. And then if Eleanor cooperates by being quiet, sometimes I even get a nap! So I'm started to feel a little more human... although I'm normally one of those people who need 8-9 hours a night.



Eleanor got a hand-me-down Ariel dress from a friend, so I couldn't resist the hilariously huge wig to go with it. And then another friend made Juliet a mermaid tail to match! Hooray for the cuteness! Happy (early) Halloween to you!

What are YOU into?
How much do YOU sleep?

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