November 6, 2013

I Love You More than Rorshach

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Pregnancy dreams are weird. But so are newborn nursing dreams. Or maybe I have such crazy dreams all the time, and I only remember them when I'm being awakened umpteen times a night?

Anyway, I recently had a dream that was a love story, narrated in a noir-ish style. At the end of my dream, the Philip Marlowe-esque hero started kissing his love interest, and the voiceover said, "He loved her more than Rorshach loved ink", and I woke up laughing.

That reminded me of a few months ago when I dreamed the whole plot to a chick lit novel. I had the foresight to write down some notes about it right when I woke up; perhaps I'll write a book someday!

All this is to say: do you dream things based on books? Do fictional characters crop up in your sleep, or am I alone in this?

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who avoids reading fiction before bed because I get such crazy dreams!

What do YOU dream about?