September 25, 2011

Weekend Links & Opinion Poll

Photo of Edible Books from Hungry Happenings.
  • A kid that goes to our church wrote a book called Why a Boy Should Marry His Dog? He donates all profits from book sales to local animal shelters.
  • Mysterious whimsical sculptures made out of books have been appearing in Edinburgh. Some of these are really beautiful!
  • Look at those cute little edible books pictured above! I might have to make some of these since we have lots of fruit leather on hand around here.

    And, I want your feedback on whether or not I should include specific ratings in my book reviews. If you scroll all the way down (on the home page) you can see a poll. The options are:
    • Yes, on a numeric scale (i.e. 3.5 out of 5)
    • Yes, using specific phrases (that I would establish later, i.e. Not Bad or Great Read, etc)
    • No, keep the reviews the way they are
    Could you take a minute to go answer the poll? Thanks!