December 23, 2011

Eight Reasons I Didn't Like the Kindle

Three weeks ago I ordered a Kindle Touch. After some deliberation, I returned it last week. Here's my review of it, in eight semi-succinct points.
  1. I didn't love it. It seemed ok. But if I'm going to spend $99 on something, it'd better be freakin' amazing.
  2. Unlike the advertising, it's a little too big to comfortably hold in one hand. It's not really much easier to hold than a 'real' book.
  3. I think if I did use an e-reader I'd actually want something backlit.
  4. In related news to #1 and #3, I realized there's a free Kindle app, and I can read books on my iPhone in a pinch. Why spend $99 to have another device cluttering things up?  
  5. We are definitely not in the traveling mode of life (I've managed to leave Arizona once, for 4 days, in the last 2 years), so bulky real books are fine. 
  6. The convenience of getting library books on your Kindle is irrelevant to me, because the 'li-bree' is one of Eleanor's favorite places, and we go about twice a week. 
  7. I didn't like the tap to turn pages. I prefer a swiping motion. 
  8. The Kindle is proprietary, so all books I'd buy would have to be purchased on Amazon, which I don't love because it undermines local bookstores

So I'm going to remain e-reader-less for now. Do you have an e-reader? Do you like it?