January 10, 2012

A Baby's Favorite Books

In all fairness I have to admit that reading is Eleanor's third favorite hobby. (Her first two are Elmo and swinging). But, we still read a LOT-- I'd say around 30 books on an average day. Some days that's 30 different books 1 time, and some days it's 2 books 15 times each. She now runs over to her bookshelves and stands running her fingers down the spines looking for her favorites. Lately these are:

OH MY! OH MY! (Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! by Sandra Boynton). Now if she ever sees a picture of a dinosaur anywhere else she yells "OH MY!" We spend the most time on the "Dinosaurs happy/dinosaurs sad" page, because she's concerned about the well-being of the crying dinosaur every time. Poor guy's balloon popped -- tragedy in the toddler world.

MAISY! (Maisy Plays by Lucy Cousins). We read all our Maisy books every day, and we only have three, so I'm getting a bit burned out. I keep checking Bookmans and the library, but no luck, so I think I'm going to have to spring for some new ones. Eleanor likes this one because Maisy does lots of her favorite activities -- dancing, playing, swimming, etc.

BABIES PUPPIES KITTIES! (Baby's Best Friend by Rachael Hale). This book is adorable. We don't actually own it, but we've renewed it from the library about six times, so we've had it for months. It has pictures of beautiful babies cuddling and playing with dogs, kitties, turtles, and birds. It's one of my favorites because the pictures are so pretty and the text is a cute poem about babies and animals being friends.

ELEPHANT, UH OH! BROKEN! (Heads by Matthew Van Fleet). This is a really beautiful lift-the-flap pull-the-tab type book. It's known as "elephant uh-oh broken" because she ripped the ears off the elephant, so every time she gets to the page about ears ("buzzy flies make wrinkly ears twitch twitch twitch") we have to stop and mourn the poor ear-less elephant.

PINK BOOK (Pride and Prejudice: A BabyLit Board book by Jennifer Adams). Ok, this isn't one of Eleanor's favorites yet. But I'm working on it. It's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE for BABIES! So great! She got it for Christmas, and I love it a lot. ("1 English village...2 rich gentlemen...3 marriage proposals...") The series also includes Romeo & Juliet and Jane Eyre--a bookworm mommy's dream come true!

What books do the babies in your life enjoy? 
Are you tired of reading any particular books?

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