June 3, 2012

Movie and TV Habits of a Bookworm

I don't normally watch a lot of tv. Eleanor usually goes to bed around 9:30, and then either I read or Noel and I may watch part of a movie - lately we've been going through all the Harry Potters. (Yeah, we typically only manage to stay up one hour later than the 2 year old. We know we're lame).

Occasionally during her naptime if I'm working on something at the computer, I'll watch something that doesn't require a lot of brainpower. I also keep up with Castle on Hulu, since Noel won't watch that one, and we watch Fringe online too.

We manage to actually go to a movie in theater about once every four months. Babysitters and movies are expensive, so we usually wait till Gma has a free Friday (since Noel gets every other Friday off work) and go to a matinee. (We saw The Avengers on Memorial Day and really enjoyed it!)

But that's about it. We rarely turn on the tv to "real" channels - we almost exclusively watch Netflix and movies. The other day I turned on the news, and within thirty minutes saw about 17 annoying political commercials. That's the first time I've seen a commercial in probably 2 months - and I forgot how grating they are!

Photo found here.
I find though, that if I've hit a rough patch reading-wise, my brain switches to "tv mode". Suddenly I can't concentrate on books. Instead I have marathons of Modern Family or White Collar or Who Do You Think You Are?. Sometimes it takes several days for me to realize what I'm doing and switch my brain back to "book mode" and focus - and I'm a huge book nerd. I totally understand why people who typically watch tons of tv find reading unappealing, because they probably rarely ever switch their brains out of tv mode.

 I think if the average person turned off their tv more, they might be surprised at how little they miss it. And at how much more reading time they suddenly have...

Did you like The Avengers? What tv shows do you love? Do you consciously switch between 'tv mode' and 'book mode'?