June 15, 2012

Sidetracked (or, Why You Need to Read The Fault in Our Stars)

So I've read a LOT this last week. I'm feeling almost caught up. And I even gave in to a few guilty pleasure reads.

I was reading a book for review at my grandparents' house while Eleanor napped, and I got done faster than I thought I would. Eleanor awoke and was happily playing with my grandma, so I was able to write up the review. {Coincidentally we had stopped by the library that morning to turn in 2 overdue books and pick up The Fault in Our Stars, which had FINALLY come in, so I had it with me.} I figured that since Eleanor was happy and I had a few extra reading minutes, I'd just try a few pages of The Fault in Our Stars.
I ended up semi-ignoring my whole family for a while as I kept reading. Then I put it down to be sociable during dinner and swim time. But as soon as we got home and got Eleanor to bed, I grabbed it again and read furiously till 11:30 when I finished it. It was SO good. I can't even really sum it up.

Kim from Sophisticated Dorkiness recently read The Sparrow for the first time and afterward she said, "I couldn’t imagine picking up another book… it would just pale in comparison. But I also wanted to READ ALL THE THINGS because The Sparrow reminded me how supremely great literature can be. It was a conundrum."

That's basically exactly how I feel about The Fault in Our Stars. GO READ IT! It was absolutely worth having my planned reading schedule sidetracked, I didn't care at all that I didn't really have time to read it. It made me laugh out loud, and cry really hard. It was awesome. Since I'm rather incoherent about the whole thing, read Jill's review if you want more plot info. And then, GO READ IT!

Rating: 5 out of 5
Should I recommend this to my grandma? Sure, why not? It may be YA, but I think anyone would like it.

Have you read The Fault in Our Stars? 
What was the last book that you got sucked in to?