July 13, 2012

Links: Julia Child, Bill Gates, 10 Books a Day, and Jailtime in Brazil

  • Several of my links this week come via Shelf Awareness. First, this children's book looks adorable. It's a beautifully illustrated picture book that tells of Julia Child's path to superstar chefdom through the eyes of her cat, Minette.
  • Next, Bill Gates apparently has more in common with me than I knew: he also always maxed out his library card as I kid. But his summer reading list is a lot more dense than mine!
  • Closer to home, if you missed my housekeeping post from last Sunday, check it out for details on getting the most from Quirky Bookworm's Facebook page. If you are a fan of the page already, you got to see the funny conversation about the photo above earlier this week!
  • Last week Sarah Bessey did 10 books a day. She did 10 Books that changed my faith, 10 books by Canadians, and (my favorite) 10 books for older tinies. (Books to read with your 4-7 year old).
  • And finally, a librarian friend of mine posted this link recently, about how in Brazil prisoners who read books can get time taken off their jail sentences. Hooray for reading!

What's on your summer reading list? 
Can you think of 10 books that fit the same theme?