April 28, 2013

What I'm Into: April Edition


I finally got back in the reading groove a bit. I'm reading Call the Midwife, The Summer of Dead Toys, and listening to The House at Riverton on audiobook.


The old James Bond movies were all on Amazon Prime for a couple of weeks, so Noel and I watched a bunch of them. We also finally, finally watched Lincoln, and we're hopefully going to go see Iron Man 3 soon!


I'm kind of in a tv rut. I've been half-heartedly watching The Voice, and Once Upon a Time and Modern Family are still my go-to shows, but nothing else has really grabbed me. I think what I want is a really fun reality show, to fill my Biggest Loser withdrawals.

the Jellybean


My sugar aversion seems to be waning, YIPPEE! It was kind of awful, from weeks 8-12 or so, I literally threw up every time I ate something even remotely sweet. But I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow, and as long as I don't over-indulge, the baby (aka The Jellybean for future reference) seems to be tolerating the sugar. Thus I have recommenced the baking and homemade ice cream-making, and it's been lovely. Eleanor's catch phrase when she's in the mood to bake is, "Mom! Can we make something yummy in a bowl?" and lately I've been happy to oblige.


It's all The Jellybean's fault. I seriously have been sleeping about 9-9.5 hours a night, plus taking a nap on lots of days. Which means that I'm really behind on reading and housecleaning and basically everything else in life, but I just can't keep my silly eyes open.


French Onion and Steak Grilled CheeseI have a sad confession; I'm terribly, horribly behind on my blog reading. I'm so sorry if you've noticed my absence in your comments! My Google reader has an embarrassing number of unread posts. But due to all the sleeping I just have less time, and blogs were one of the things that temporarily had to go. Hopefully I'll catch back up soon. (And figure out what to replace Google Reader with. Have you found a good feedreader option?)

Grilled Cheese

I love grilled cheese a lot. So does my friend Meghan, which is why we blog about it quite often. And apparently we're not alone, because our cheesy grilled cheese board has more than 2300 followers! I think next up on our agenda is going to be some Chipotle Cheddar and Chorizo Grilled Cheese or Spinach and Artichoke Grilled Cheese.

What are YOU into? 
What feed-reader do you use?

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