April 30, 2013

Classics Catch-Up Challenge: Oh the Shame (Thought of Changing my Name)

Yes, yes that was a Hakuna Matata reference in the title. ("When he was young warthog!")

It's appropriate since The Lion King is a rough retelling of Hamlet, right?

And since the March-April picks for the Classics Catch-Up Challenge were Macbeth, Hamlet, and Othello.

The picks which I *ahem* did not read. At all. Even a little bit. Well, I did listen to about 2 minutes of Macbeth on audio before deciding it'd be too confusing to listen to it without reading it first. And then I got the flu, and then I fell behind, and then, well. You get the picture.

It's embarrassing really to fail at your own challenge.

But I don't want to penalize those of you who are actually on target! So, without further ado: the March-April Classics Catch-Up Challenge Link Up!

Link-up your post(s) or Amazon/Goodreads review(s) below. The linky will be open for a week. (Remember you have to link up reviews for at least 9 of the 13 selections to be entered in the Amazon gift card drawing at the end of the year).

Next up: the May-June picks are Madame Bovary and Catch-22. We'll see if I do any better, since I'm only 1 for 5 on the challenge selections so far! (Seriously, I'm going to have to start wearing a scarlet Q for quitter soon at this rate). 

What did you think of Macbeth/Hamlet/Othello?