June 26, 2013

Currently: What I'm Loving / Avoiding / Needing / Reading

Our "water park"!

Time // 3:31 pm

Listening // To an episode of Fringe I have playing in the background. Noel and I finished watching the whole series a few months ago, and now I'm enjoying repeating some episodes from season 1.

Loving // Roasted gorgonzola crackers from Trader Joe's. Seriously. I probably need to go put the box back in the pantry while I work on this post, or I'll eat them all. Also, reading other people's Literary Bucket Lists. Have you made your list? Link it up!

Thinking // About what to do for the 4th of July. It's been at least 5 years since we've seen fireworks, but Eleanor's easily frightened by loud noises. Debating the relative merits of risking a meltdown, or getting a sitter.

Wanting // More of those silly crackers. And a cute, bigger maternity swimsuit to magically appear at my doorstep. I'm cramming myself in the one I have. Don't think it'll last more than another week or two, but oh how I hate swimsuit shopping.

Needing // To start reading some books for review. But, feeling procrastinatory (procrastinatorish?); hence this post.

Reading // Continuing with The Mysterious Howling. And I read an Entertainment Weekly magazine last night, does that count?

Anticipating // Noel and I are taking Eleanor to Monsters University on Friday, for her first theater movie experience! I hope it will be as fun as I'm imagining.

Avoiding // The heat. Per usual.

Making // Due to the aforementioned heat avoidance, the mornings with Eleanor get looooong. We miss our park time! So I made an "At Home Schedule" chart, for the days we don't go anywhere, just to give us a bit of rhythm, and hopefully keep us both in better moods.

Enjoying // Playing games with Eleanor. She actually gets most of them now (except for Chutes and Ladders, because she insists on turning the spinner to 3 every time "because I'm 3"). But we've been playing lots of Go Fish, Candyland, and dominoes.

Time // 3:45 pm

What are YOU currently into?