September 23, 2013

Let Me Introduce Some Awesome Guest Posters

Before I make introductions, let me back up a step: this Jellybean is proving to have a mind of her own. We thought she was coming at 33 weeks, and there was a wee bit of drama, and then I was under doctor's orders to keep my feet up "as much as possible" (um yeah, try that with a 3 year old), so I purposely put "staying on the couch" as my number one priority, and everything else has slipped a bit.

Now I'm at 36 weeks, so it's fine, and the doctor said I can stop taking it so easy, and of course now the Jellybean seems pretty happy to stay in my belly for a while longer. (I have a feeling she's going to be just as stubborn as her sister. And they both totally get it from Noel. All from Noel.)

Anyway, the weeks of couch-lying and tv-watching have fried my brain. Plus the whole "she could come anytime! Anytime in the next seven weeks!" thing messes with me, because I'm normally a planner, and I can't plan at all around this, and it makes me a bit nuts.

I'd lined up some great guest posts, which I'd thought to start running post-baby. But since baby is being so darn unpredictable, I came up with a new plan. I'm queuing up guest posts and book reviews that I've already written for the next six weeks. Every Monday you can expect a guest post from somebody awesome to start your week. And then every Friday you can expect a book review from me. Plus I will plan to pop in somewhere mid-week, and give you a brief what I'm reading/ have you had that baby yet update every week.

Hopefully that will strike the perfect balance between being kinda planned and organized, and yet adaptive to my gnat-like attention span.

And now, what you really wanna know, right? Who are these illustrious guest posters??

Without further ado, let me introduce them.

 Anyone else have a short attention span these days? Do you already read any of these blogs?