October 22, 2014

31 Days of Book Pics: Day 22 - Bookish

I snapped this selfie the other day while Juliet was nursing, because I was actually wearing my hair down for the first time in about five months. (HOORAY that summer is finally almost over!)

I am unrepentantly bookish, and I'm happy to report that I'm raising two bookish children. The other day they'd been suspiciously quiet, and I went to see what they were up to. I found them in Eleanor's room, sitting back to back, Eleanor reading Madeline aloud, while Juliet paged through Policeman Small.

I will say that I think Juliet and Eleanor will have a more balanced childhood than I did*, because of Noel's movie-loving, sports-playing influence. But I'm gonna claim 'em as bookworms anyway. Because I don't know any other four year olds who would jump and cheer "This is the best day of my whole wide life!" upon being told that she could stay up for another 20 minutes if she would read quietly in bed.

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*My parents used to beg me to watch tv with them. And they set me a five-hours-of-reading-a-day time limit. Which was manageable on school days, but meant I occasionally had to go outside (GASP) on Saturdays.