April 10, 2015

Ten Signs I'm Addicted to a Book

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  1. My house is disastrously messy.
  2. I can be found staring vacantly into space, my mind still lost in a fictional realm.
  3. I have to "go to the bathroom" (aka hide from the girls for three minutes of reading time) a lot.
  4. I suddenly, desperately need some exercise, requiring me to go for long walks. (If it's an audiobook.)
  5. I can be found with a book in one hand, attempting to read while I'm cooking/ brushing my teeth/ applying my makeup.
  6. I'm dazed with lack of sleep, from staying up too late reading the night before.
  7. My husband can be found watching tv by himself in the living room after the kids are in bed, because I'm holed up in our room, reading. 
  8. My kids get extra screen time "just because".
  9. And they might be slightly sticky, because when I volunteered for bath duty, I just sat next to the tub reading... so there wasn't actually any soap involved. 
  10. You've noticed that I've been on Facebook/Twitter less. 

What are the signs that YOU'VE been reading?

P.S. The two most recent books to affect me this way were Liane Moriarty's BIG LITTLE LIES on audio, and Susanna Kearsley's THE ROSE GARDEN, coincidentally also on audio. In related news, I've surpassed my Fitbit daily step goal every day for weeks now. If you want to be addicted too, you can buy them through my affiliate links below!