August 16, 2015

Sunday Funday: Book Links!

I hope you're having a lovely late summer Sunday. Ours is a bit busy: Noel is on setup/teardown this morning, which is always rough in this heat (our church meets in a high school). And we have a church-related meeting tonight for a project I'm spearheading. But there will be some swimming and hamburgers in between, hooray! 

I need to decide which of the books above to hurry up and read. I mean, obviously I'm going to read the Elizabeth George, but I have to decide what else to read. I have to review four of 'em - which four would you pick?

Also, I've seen some awesome, quirky book stuff lately that I couldn't resist sharing with you.
Finally, I signed up for two different subscriptions this week: a trial of Blue Apron, which delivers meal ingredients to your door, and Bookroo, which delivers 3 kids' books to you each month. I'll keep you posted on both of them!

What are YOU doing today?