September 18, 2015

Currently:: What I'm Reading/ Wishing/ Anticipating/ Drinking

Time: 9:21am

Listening // To today's Sorta Awesome episode. I love Friday mornings lately! A new ep of Sorta Awesome, looking forward to the weekend, and it's usually a pretty quiet day for Juliet and me. 
Eating // Homefries and an egg. Because I felt like salty potatoes this morning.
Drinking // Diet coke. I know, I know. But I just like a little something bubbly in the morning! And since I don't like coffee or tea I've gotta get my caffeine somehow...
Reading // I blazed through Paper Towns this week. I'm also working on the new Elizabeth George (for review, it comes out next month). It was getting all Liane Moriarty-ish - I didn't even find out who died till page 160! I'm liking it a lot, it's just that George's books are super long, so it's always quite a commitment. I started listening to Ruby Red on audio too. I meant to wait till next month, since it's the October pick for the YABMC, but I didn't have anything else to listen to, so I started early.
Enjoying // I took a "reading lunch" the other day. There's a home-schooled teenager from our church that my girls love. So I paid her to come hang out with Juliet for an hour, and meet Eleanor at the school bus stop, and feed them lunch. I went and enjoyed some solo errand-running, and then a reading lunch at Five Guys. It was amazing, and I felt so mentally refreshed afterward. It's honestly the first time I've done that - I feel a little weird about eating alone in public, so usually I'd hit a drive-thru, and take food home. But I had so much fun that I might have to make a habit of it!
Wishing // I had a better method to get eye-drops in the baby. The girls both have pink eye. Eleanor's been a champ about lying down for drops. She fought the first day, and then I convinced her that they aren't that bad, and she'll get better faster if more of the drops get in her eye, so she's been awesome. But Juliet? Not so much. I basically have to pin her down with my legs, holding her head between my knees, and then attempt to pry open her eyelids as she squirms and screams. It's not fun. And I have to do it 4 times a day, boo.
Scheming // We're going to Disneyland in December. Normally I wouldn't start planning/scheming this early, but I have a friend taking her kids to Disneyland for the first time in 3 weeks, and she asked me to give her my "best tips". So naturally I had to send her the world's longest email full of links and ideas. And it got my wheels spinning. I'm getting so excited about our trip now! We went when Juliet was 4 or 5 months old, so I'm excited that this time she'll be 2, and old enough to enjoy the experience. 
Missing // Some of Juliet's baby talk. She'll be 2 next month, and all of the sudden a lot of her cute little words are going away - this week she started saying the letter H, so now we get hugs instead of 'ugs' and we go home instead of 'ome'. And I'm a tiny bit sad to see another evidence of how quickly she's growing up! But she's started reading herself to sleep for naps most days, which is adorable. And a step in the right direction sleep-wise.
Anticipating // Tomorrow we had had some plans, but they fell through, so now we have a free day. We went geocaching for the first time a couple weekends ago, and Eleanor loved it. I think that tomorrow we may go up Mt. Lemmon and do a little more geocaching, to take advantage of the cooler weather up there. Since boooo on you this week Tucson. So tired of 95-97 degree days. I want fall!!

Time: 9:47am

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