January 11, 2016

Bookish Stuff From Social Media

I love sharing about books with you here, but I also like sharing about them all over the place! I realized that if you aren't on certain social media sites/apps, you might miss some of my reviews. So I thought I'd pull a few of them together here for you.

First - the List App. I spent a fair amount of time last week doing brief reviews of every book I read in 2015. Which, considering I read 148 books, took a LONG time. I broke it into 15 lists, with 10 each (except for 8 on the last one). Phew. Note to self: in 2016, write a list every time you've read 10 books, instead of waiting till the end! Here is the master list, listing all the other lists! 

On Periscope, I shared a short synopsis of all the books we picked up at the library on Wednesday (with a little help from Juliet in the backseat)! She cracks me up. I said, "Say hi Juliet!" And she obediently said, "Hi Juliet!" I went ahead and uploaded it to YouTube, if you want to watch it.

On Instagram last week, I shared about Betty Boo. "At first I said I wasn't going to review this book, because I thought the title was dumb. And I also said I was going to take down the Christmas tree by Epiphany. But today is the 6th, and I spent Juliet's nap time eagerly reading Betty Boo by the twinkly light of the Christmas tree. According to the blurb on the cover, Claudia PiƱeiro is "the Argentine Patricia Highsmith". So clearly I need to make time for some Highsmith, because this book was so good!"

Where do YOU talk about books the most?

P.S. I'm jessicah on Instagram, and quirkybookworm on Instagram and Periscope.