January 8, 2016

In Which I Accidentally Take 9 Months to Read a Book I Really Enjoyed

Ten months ago my friend Meghan and I got to listen to Jacqueline Winspear speak about her new book at the Tucson Festival of Books. It's the second time I've heard Winspear, and as ever, she was very eloquent and intelligent. 

A few weeks later, Meghan surprised me with a signed first edition of A Dangerous Place. I started reading it, and then when I was barely 40 pages in, I thought I'd lost it at a dentist appointment. I hunted for ages, and then three months later it finally turned up in my garage. (Who know? I blame the children, ha.) 

But by the time it turned up, I was in the middle of several other books, so I stuck it on the shelf, assuming I'd get back to it soon.

Fast-forward to the last week of December, when I spied it on a Kindle daily deal, and was like, "Oh yeah! I never finished that book!" So I snagged it for $1.99, and added the Audible narration for $5 more. 

We're at the stage of the bedtime game where I read on my Kindle while rocking Juliet to sleep, so between a couple of long walks while listening, and 2 bedtimes while reading, I blazed through the book. 

A Dangerous Place was really good. Maisie's personal life took some drastic turns, and it set up the quickly progressing events of World War Two quite nicely. And it now has the distinction of being the only book I own in 3 formats - hard copy, e-copy, and audible copy!

Have YOU ever lost a book?