January 27, 2016

What's Your Y.A. Heroine Name?

What's Your YA Heroine Name?

I ducked around a corner and into an alley, my heart pounding, as a Security Officer marched by on patrol. The dilapidated remains of the tall building at the end of the alley caught my eye, and I wondered for the thousandth time what it was like to live Before. 

Just then, I heard someone hiss my name. "Ambrosia!" I turned to see my best friend Koelaria Keder beckoning to me, with a worried expression on her olive-skinned face.
I'm currently reading Red Queen, which is actually pretty good. But it does make me laugh at how the YA checkboxes keep getting ticked off one by one.
  • Girl who seems talentless suddenly discovers she holds a secret.
  • Girl loves a cute green-eyed boy from her childhood.
  • Girl meets a new, very attractive boy that she can't stop thinking about.
  • Girl rapidly becomes the Future of the Nation.
  • Girl must work with the Bad People to protect her family.
  • Girl is torn between Green Eyed Boy and New Boy.
Anyway, in honor of the many many YA trilogies I've read (and don't get me wrong! I love them!), I thought I would make a "What's Your Y.A. Heroine Name?" meme. The first names were inspired by flowers, and the last names all mean strong/strength/warrior in assorted languages... since strong flower seemed like an appropriate sort of name for this sort of heroine.

I'd be Ambrosia Takeo, which has a nice ring to it. And Eleanor figured out that she'd be Koelaria Keder, so I included her name in my little fake story.

What would YOUR YA heroine name be?

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