April 25, 2016

When You Fail at Your Own Book Club - the 2nd RTFEBC Korea Link-Up

I know I don't host the #bookwormproblems link-ups anymore, but I feel like I have had so many bookworm problems this month! 

First, was the tyranny of the library. Then, I realized that I only had 10 days till The Raven King was coming out, and I'd initially planned to reread all the books in the Raven Cycle before that. I settled for a re-listen of Blue Lily, Lily Blue. Now I just have to find time to wedge The Raven King into my stack of library reads!

And finally, I totally failed at our Reading Together: Family Exploration Book Club pick this month! You may remember that last month I reviewed The Kite Fighters, our middle grade choice, but I didn't even get to When My Name Was Keoko. I fully intended to read it; but I mistakenly requested the wrong book by Linda Sue Park from the library - and didn't realize till the 17th that our library system didn't actually have it. And then I didn't want to buy a copy, because I'm already drowning in books, and I didn't think I'd have time. So, alas, no RTFEBC reading for me this month!

But, be sure to check out Sheila and Moira's reviews of When My Name was Keoko. And if you wrote a post about it, or wrote a review on Goodreads, link it up in the link up for this month!

Oh well, next month is a new chance! And we're moving on to a new culture - we're discussing Iran in May and June. I've already read Forty Fortunes and Persepolis, and I just requested Shadow Spinner at the library. So I'll be ahead of the game (for once).

In the meantime, although I failed on the book front, I think I'm going to continue the Korean theme by making this Slow Cooker Korean Beef next week, and Eleanor and I will use her stash of origami paper to make ddakji disks so that we can try playing ddakji!

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