November 30, 2011

Seven Hobbies of a Bookworm

What do you do when you're not reading?
  1. I love to bake and cook. My creations this week include pumpkin-cinnamon bread, beef enchiladas with green sauce, chewy brownie cookies, and spaghetti with meatballs.
  2. I like to watch tv more than movies. By myself I watch Biggest Loser and Castle. With Noel I watch Fringe and Modern Family. That's it. {And when people ask how I have so much time to read--I say "Don't watch tv!". When I occasionally get sucked into mini-Netflix marathons my reading productivity plummets.}
  3. I write curriculum for the elementary department at our church.
  4. I don't like to exercise, but I'm trying to be better about it. Sometimes I take Eleanor out for a spin in the jogging stroller. Last night I did crunches. Ouch.
  5. I eat imaginary pasta and apple juice, do puzzles, and read books with the cutest 19 month old around.
  6. I make Christmas music playlists. I'm obsessed with Christmas music. And since I have an iPhone and can take lovely Christmas playlists with me wherever I go...
  7. I listen to audiobooks and podcasts. I do most big housecleaning while Eleanor naps. And it's much easier to motivate myself to mop or scrub toilets if I have a good book to listen to, or a podcast like those from Simple Mom and the History Chicks.
I don't knit or sew or scrapbook though. I've tried several crafty hobbies, and I get bored. I think I'll stick to cookie baking as my "artistic" hobby!

What are your hobbies? What's your favorite Christmas song? 

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