March 24, 2016

Vacation Reading

I always think I'm going to read more on vacation than I do. I eagerly pack big stacks of books. And then, I often find myself sucked into tv. Noel and I cancelled our cable almost 9 years ago, and we don't have the tv on much in the daytime at home. But we throw our usual screen-time rules for the girls out the window when we're traveling, and I just can't resist some HGTV binge-watching when I have cable available!

So, although we're going to sneak away to Flagstaff for a few days over Spring Break, I'm not sure that I'll actually get any extra reading done... in spite of the fact that my brother's porch is an excellent reading spot, as you can see! 

I am looking forward to some cooler temps and visiting a couple of my favorite Flagstaff restaurants and hiking spots though. We're planning to go to ice skating (to fulfill a "lifelong" ambition of Eleanor's), and hike Sunset Crater, which I haven't done in about 13 years. We'll definitely go to Burritos Fiesta at least once, and possibly hit Mama Burger too, or maybe Diablo Burger, if Noel wins... 

Do you read on vacation?
Have YOU been to Flagstaff?