January 14, 2012

Weekend Links (On the Actual Weekend This Time)

Found on Pinterest. Library love!
Since I blog while Eleanor naps, I often write 2 or 3 posts in a row, and queue them up to post later. Last week my "sorta blondeness" got the best of me, which is why you got weekend links on Wednesday. Whoops. But this week I'm on schedule!
  • Amy posted this Judy Blume interview on Quirky Bookworm's Facebook page. What's your favorite Judy Blume? I'm partial to Superfudge myself.
  • Mandi from Life...Your Way shared her "Busy Mom's Guide to Finding Time to Read". I'd have to add audio books to the list -- it's amazing how much more often I listen to them now while I'm cleaning or cooking and Eleanor's sleeping.
  • Want to know more about me than my 'about me' page shares? Check out the guest sponsor post I did at Sorta Crunchy earlier this week.
  • Kim talked about reading Nicole Ritchie's Priceless for her Not So Great Expectations Book Club. Remind me not to read that book!
We have a nice low-key weekend ahead, hooray!
What are your weekend plans?