March 15, 2012

Breaking out of a Book Rut

Last November I hit a book rut. Then I went on a reading binge over the holidays, which continued into January and February.

But, I seem to have lost my reading flow again. I've "only" read 4 books so far in March (yes, yes, I know I'm ridiculous). I think it's partly because of the mega long audio book I've been listening to. It's really good, but I've listened for weeks, and I'm still not done! My brain just wants something new.

Monday I finished The Auslander by Paul Dowswell, which was good, but just lacked that certain sparkle I was looking for. (I did like the detail on the Hitler youth organizations, and Piotr/Peter's character was interesting, but the writing was a bit erratic. Hence the reason it took me six days to finish it.) And since finishing The Auslander, nothing on my shelves or in my to-read-for-Shelf-Awareness pile looks very exciting.

So, I need your help! 
I want something quick to read and entertaining. 
What do you recommend?