April 20, 2012

Links: Spring, Cliffhangers, & Donna Leon

Photo found here.
  • Summer started in Tucson about 2 weeks ago. But spring has finally arrived in Boston! And Katie has some beautiful pictures of it.
  • I'm sad I'm not the Shelf Awareness reviewer that got sent a galley of Beastly Things. I love Donna Leon's books - but I'm #46 on the hold list at the library. Those other 45 people better read fast.
  • If you follow me on Goodreads you've probably noticed that I've been reading the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness. Dumb cliffhangery books, they keep sucking me right in!
  • I knew that Jane Austen was originally going to title Pride and Prejudice "First Impressions" - but I wasn't familiar with most of the other books on Mental Floss's list of "What 10 Classic Books Were Almost Called".
Are you a sucker for cliffhangers? Is it spring where you are?