June 25, 2012

Kid Pick: Maisy Big, Maisy Small

Eleanor is obsessed with Maisy books. So much so that apparently they also double as pillows during naptime.

We own a handful of them, plus every time we go to the library we check out a few. Her absolute favorite one is called 'Maisy Big, Maisy Small '. We've checked it out from the library at least six different times, plus we always stop to read it every time we're there for story time. Luckily no one else seems to check it out too often, since we always find a copy. I really like this one, because it teaches opposites in a fun way, showing Maisy in different appearances and settings.

Eleanor obviously doesn't quite grasp "pattern", because she always says "Maisy plain", "Maisy pat it" and pats that page. She is also always concerned that "Maisy being naughty!" on the messy page.

Most of the pages are just Maisy alone, but a few have her BFFs - Charley, Tallulah, Eddie and Cyril. (By the way, there's not much funnier than a 2 year old's attempts to say 'Cyril'!)

If you're looking for some cute kid books, I can't recommend the Maisy books enough. We have the Count with Maisy Board Book and a few of the Maisy First Experiences (Maisy Goes Camping, Maisy Goes to the Museum, etc), and they're all favorites. You just can't beat the cuteness of the illustrations, and I like how Maisy and her friends all have fun together and help each other out.

What's your favorite Maisy book?

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