February 5, 2013

Pathological Literacy

I'm sorry if I'm starting to sound like a Kate Morton fangirl over here. I just really adore the way she writes.

I've listened to The Secret Keeper and The Distant Hours on audio; so I haven't really made notes about all sentences that grabbed my attention.

But in The Distant Hours one of the characters was described as "pathologically literate" - and it stuck with me.

Because I am undeniably, pathologically literate. Back of the cereal/cracker/cookie box? Read 'em all. Church bulletins/flyers? Yup. The weird little obscure junky newspapers that arrive in my mailbox? Mmmhmm. Gazillions of blog posts and twitter updates and facebook statuses and funny internet memes? Yes sirree.

I'm the person that reads the whole menu at every restaurant, even though, let's face it, I'm the world's pickiest eater and I'm just going to be ordering a hamburger anyway. (And yes, I always search for menu typos, a la Ted Mosby. And yes, I always find one.)

I'm more than just a bookworm, I'm pathologically literate. And (much to my delight) I'm raising a pathologically literate child. At Target? "Look mom! There's an E for Eleanor!" At a stop sign? "That says STOP. S-t-o-p. Stop." At a park? "D for Dad!" (Yeah, that D was part of a row of small letters and numbers on a utility box. Took me a while to figure out where she even saw a letter.) At breakfast? "Mommy! I bited my toast and now it looks like a U."

Poor Noel. Now there are going to be two of us reading every street sign and funny bumper sticker to him.

Are you pathologically literate?