February 6, 2013

Here & There: Hollywood and Venice

I've managed to read three books this week! Finally, I think I've got my reading groove back. I've also appeared around the blogosphere a bit, so I thought I'd fill you in.

Yesterday I was included in Hollywood Housewife's round up of "Moms Who Read". (Laura asked me via Twitter, which is why for once in my life I look like the short-winded one!) If you're trying to find more time to read, some of the tips might be helpful for you.

And today I'm guest-posting at At Home With Books about the Best & Worst of Donna Leon.
There are 21 of them now (the 22nd - Golden Egg – will come out in April!) and so there have been natural ups and downs. I think it built up to a peak at book five, Acqua Alta, which is a twisty mystery involving the smuggling of antiquities. The crime is interspersed with with the concern of everyone in Venice about the rising floodwaters (aqcua alta); and the vivid imagery made me long to go to Venice.
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