April 14, 2013


This has been a rough week in the Howard household. We took turns with a violent flu, which has left us all rather shaky and tired. But we're all feeling a little better now, and slowly resuming our normal routines.

In between endless loads of laundry, I sat around and read a lot, because I didn't have energy for anything else.

I read Elswyth Thane's Dawn's Early Light (and bawled my eyes out, because sick + pregnant is NOT the time to read about Revolutionary War battles with dry eyes) and then proceeded to blitz through Yankee Stranger, Ever After, and The Light Heart right after. Then I was about to start Kissing Kin (book 5 in the Williamsburg novels), but I felt like I needed a break. I'm not sure that I can binge-read all 7 in a row.

That made me stop to ponder, and realize that actually 4 books is about my limit. When I re-read Harry Potter I took a break between books 4 and 5, and when I read the Temeraire books I read 4 books in a week, and then had to take a break.

So now I'm curious: when you read obsessively do you have a limit? 
Do you keep reading till the series is done? 
Or do you savor a series one book at a time? 

P.S. The Williamsburg books are SUPERB historical fiction. Full review coming soon, once I've finished them.

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