June 18, 2013

Seattle by the Numbers

Seattle, Downtown Seattle, Space Needle, Skyline, Sunny Seattle, Seattle from Harbor, Seattle Panorama

4 days
5 nights
19 (ish) miles walked
4 pubs visited
3 apple fritters eaten
200 pictures taken
3.5 books read
2 ferry rides
1 lake cruise
2 pizza places visited
2 movies watched
4 parks lounged in 
0 drops of rain
0 blog posts written

Now that we're back, I'm playing catch-up on laundry and blog posts and grocery shopping and all of that. I'll post some of my tips and our favorite things to do - with a couple of bookish stops mentioned!

In the meantime, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you can see lots of my pictures. Or I've written in veeerry long-winded detail about the first half of the trip on my mommy blog. I just didn't want you to feel neglected over here!

Have YOU been to Seattle?

P.S. I have to give props where they are due - Noel took the picture above, not me.