June 16, 2013

Literary Bucket List

My Armchair BEA intro post made me start thinking about what literary places I want to visit, which led to thinking about what books I want to read / re-read, which led to me making a Literary Bucket List!

Then I was thinking how fun it would be if some of you wanted to make a Literary Bucket List too, and link-up. So I put a linky at the bottom, and it's open indefinitely, in case you want to write up your own list too!

  1. Go to Prince Edward Island. I'm dying to see Anne Shirley's world!
  2. Have a Harry Potter marathon. I bet if I did nothing else I could read them all in maybe 4 days?
  3. Return to Yorkshire and visit the Bronte Parsonage / James Herriot's house. I remember enjoying those places, but I was nine at the time. I'm sure I'd get more out of it now.
  4. Finish The Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett. They're crazy-brilliant, but kind of dense reading, so I too often take the easy way out instead of reading another. I've only read 2 / 6.
  5. Go to the Shetland Islands, because of Ann Cleeves' Shetland Quartet. I've had a little distance and forgiven her for the unhappy ending to the quartet, so now all I remember is the haunting other-ness of Shetland.
  6. Visit a Laura Ingalls Wilder site. Maybe the farm in the Ozarks, maybe her birthplace in Wisconsin. I loved re-reading all of these, and can't wait to read them to Eleanor!
  7. Tour Wallander's Sweden. The Ystad Tourist Information Bureau offers a walking tour of Wallander's haunts. How great is that?!
  8. Re-read all the Trixie Beldens, and write some sort of food / travel guide based on them. I've re-read two of them in the last six months, and they're hilariously specific about the places Trixie goes, and the weird, mid-century food they eat. "Trixie stirred the dried beef in the hot oil, then added the thick, creamy mushroom soup..." "Let's save on dish-washing... If I add a can of peas to this goulash, there'll be one less pan to wash!"
  9. Do a French literature tour. I'd love to visit the Loire Valley, Mont St. Michel, and most of Provence while reading books by Alexandre Dumas, Baroness Orczy, Mary Stewart, and others; which are set in those places. 
  10. Take a tour of founding fathers' birthplaces. I've read so many biographies of men like John Adams, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson; plus a lot of fiction from that era - from kids' books like Johnny Tremaine to the Williamsburg novels. I really hope someday that I'll be able to go to Massachusetts and Virginia and see some of those places.

What's on YOUR literary bucket list?
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