August 1, 2013

I Can't WAIT To Read These Books

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I'm sure you saw plenty of babbling about how much I enjoyed Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier. They're really fun YA fantasy about a girl named Gwyneth Shepherd, who, after turning sixteen, discovers that she's the last in a line of secret time travelers. Alas for poor Gwen, time traveling is a lot scarier and much more of a nuisance than it sounds, and her life just got infinitely complicated. I loved these books because (a) Gwen is an awesome character - very real, and likeable, and not nearly as annoyingly second-guess-y as a lot of YA heroines. And because (b) I'm a little burned out on dystopic/ post-apocalyptic books. It was nice to find a fun trilogy that's just straight up time-travel.

But THEN I discovered that book three, Emerald Green, doesn't come out for months. Which just adds to my list of books for which I'm waiting impatiently. Although maybe since most of them come out in the fall I should just put a bunch of them on my baby registry? Ha. I mean a mom does need a lot of reading material during those marathon newborn nursing sessions, right?
Here are the books on my "I can't wait!" list:

Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier. Pub date: October 8th, 2013.
Number one right now: Emerald Green. It jumped to the top since I loved the first two books so much. I actually think I'm going to buy books one and two, which is crazy, because I'm such a cheapskate I buy a new book maybe twice a year.
Allegiant by Veronica Roth. Pub date: October 22, 2013.
Although Tris's whingeing got on my nerves in Insurgent, I decided that maybe I can cut her some slack given the majorly traumatic things that happened at the end of Divergent. (Notice how neatly I sidestepped spoilers there?) Anyway, I definitely need to finish out the trilogy and see how Tris's story ends.
The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater. Pub date: September 17, 2013.
I adored book one in this cycle (The Raven Boys). I'm kind of sad I started reading them so early though; I'm going to have to wait for each book to get released! Argh. Maggie Stiefvater is so great, I may have to suck it up and read her Shiver trilogy to fill the time; although so far I've completely avoided vampires/werewolves.
Hero by Alethea Kontis. Pub date: October 1, 2013.
I enjoyed Enchanted (which told the story of Sunday Woodcutter, seventh daughter of a seventh daughter) even if some of the mythology was a bit convoluted. Hero is about Sunday's older sister Saturday - and I'm hoping Kontis has the mythology of her magical land a bit more sorted out by now.
The Passion of the Purple Plumeria by Lauren Willig. Pub date: August 6, 2013.
In a break from all the YA-ness, I'm also looking forward to the latest in Lauren Willig's Pink Carnation series. This is book 10 - so I'm getting impatient to see how it all finally wraps up (I think that she said there will be 12 books all together)! This one is so close to release - I think next week I may just have to splurge one of my last two Audible credits!

What books are YOU looking forward to?
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