May 14, 2014

Twitterature: Kid-Style

I thought I'd do my Twitterature post a little differently this month! Here are some of the favorites that Eleanor and I have been reading from the library recently.

How to Get a Job by Me the Boss 
by Sally Lloyd-Jones
This book is adorable. The perfect blend of ironic text that adults will enjoy, & cute illustrations & funny moments that kids will love.

The Big Adventure of the Smalls
by Helen Stephens
Fun shenanigans of a tiny brother & sister who are sad to be relegated to bed while their parents throw a ball. #bedtimeisoverrated

Chicken Bedtime is Really Early
by Erica Perl
First the chicks take baths and go to bed, then the bunnies & frogs & cows & hamsters follow suit.  Guess who's up first the next morning?

Butterfly Butterfly
by Petr Horacek
GORGEOUS illustrations. Bright cut-outs of bugs, as a little girl explores her garden. And a pop-up surprise at the end! #butterfly

Robot, Go Bot!
by Dana M. Rau
Awesome easy-reader about a girl giving a robot commands. "Go bot! Row bot! No no bot!" Eleanor read it to me 10x, and laughed every time.

What Sisters Do Best
by Laura Numeroff
Young for Eleanor, but a sweet little story about sisters helping younger siblings. Cute animal illustrations. #sisterlove

What have YOUR kids been reading?

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