December 18, 2014

Currently: The Birthday Edition

Currently // 8:31pm
Enjoying // My new hair cut. Although it's weirding me out when I run my fingers through my hair, and that 10 inches is missing off the end!
Looking forward to // My birthday tomorrow! I'll be 32. Which sounds officially adult-ish. Funny that I still don't feel very grown up sometimes. Does that ever change? (I'm queueing this post up for tomorrow morning, since I will be busy attending Eleanor's preschool Christmas program.)
Reading // The Young Elites by Marie Lu, The Siege Winter by Ariana Franklin, and The Devil is Here in These Hills by James Green. (The latter two will come out in February, I'm working on them for Shelf Awareness.)
Listening to // Serial. I am officially obsessed. I listened to the first 11 episodes in 4 days. I've been suffering withdrawals for the last 2 days. But the final episode is like a birthday present to me, whee!
Watching // Christmas movies with Eleanor -- she's old enough to be into "real" movies this year - we've watched Elf (which I dislike, it makes me cringe!) and The Santa Clause and White Christmas. But of course we've also watched Frosty and Rudolph and Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas.
Chasing // Juliet. Eleanor walked earlier (9 months, as opposed to Juliet's 10), but Juliet is taller. And our new house has lever doorknobs. So she can get into ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. It's seriously exhausting. Hopefully soon we're going to install latches on the pantry and some of the other doors so that I can keep her out of closets/rooms I don't want her in. And not have to pick up all the canisters and towels and dishes and snacks like eight times a day.
Eating // potato pancakes. I don't know why I'm so into them all the sudden. But we've had leftover potatoes lying around a couple of times, and yum! I've also had Christmas cookies for breakfast about five days in a row. Yippee for adulthood, ha! (Although I do have to be pretty sneaky about it, so that Eleanor doesn't catch me.)
Loving // Juliet's animal noises. When you ask her what a dog says she 'woofs', and she does the CUTEST roar when you ask her what a lion says. It makes me so happy.
Currently // 8:52pm

What are YOU currently into? 
Any fellow December birthdays?