January 6, 2015

#bookwormproblems: The Forgetful Edition (a link-up!)

What if you're supposed to be hosting a #bookwormproblems link-up on the first Friday of the month? And then about 11:00pm on Thursday, you realize that TOMORROW is the first Friday of the month. And you already wrote a different post? *Ahem*

So that's one of my #bookwormproblems - I completely forgot to schedule my own link-up! Ha. In the interest of simplicity in the new year, I'm thus changing the rules slightly. Instead of the first Friday of every month, the link-up will be held on the sixth of every month, regardless of the day of the week. And, I won't be alternating between Judging Books by Their Covers and #bookwormproblems anymore. I may still judge covers here and there, but it won't be a link-up. Because frankly the #bookwormproblems are a lot more fun to write!

My other #bookwormproblem was being tempted to start 4 different books the last week of December, so that my early January stats would look awesome. But I resisted most of the temptation. I just gave in and read about 50 pages of The House of Hades on New Year's Eve.

What are YOUR #bookwormproblems? 
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