January 8, 2015

Recent Book Acquisitions

Somewhat bizarrely, for the first time in my life I think, I got zero books for Christmas! Crazy, right? (I did however get an Audible gift subscription, an Amazon giftcard, and a book sculpture for my birthday. So perhaps my friends and family have decided that birthdays are more bookish than Christmas.)

But the girls both got some books, and I bought myself a few books the week after Christmas, so I thought I'd share. Because if a book is good enough for me to spend money on it, and let it take up space in my house, it's definitely a book I recommend!

We gave Juliet Dog for Christmas. She is completely enthralled. It has soft dogs and bristly dogs, pull tabs, and flaps to lift, and I think I've already read it to her at least a hundred times. (By the way, we also own Heads and Tails from the same author, and they're all great!)

My parents gave Eleanor The Book with No Pictures. It's written by a guy from The Office and it's really funny. And bonus - although usually Eleanor wants to read books herself these days, she loves having this one read to her, since it makes the reader say silly stuff out loud.

I bought myself used copies of the first four Heroes of Olympus books at Bookmans, and used that Amazon gift card to order The Blood of Olympus, which should be here soon! My only complaint is the beat-up nature of The Son of Neptune paperback. I might have to keep an eye out, and try and get the hardback instead. I know it's silly, but I just like it better when all my books match!

What books have YOU received or purchased lately?

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