January 11, 2015

Reading and Mapping 2015

This year, instead of doing a google map like the last two years, I've decided to track my books on Pinterest. Since Pinterest allows you to pin items to a map now, I think it'll look really cool by the end of the year. (Do you follow me on Pinterest? I pin lots of bookish stuff and desserts and grilled cheese, ha!)

Here are the books I've read so far in 2015, so they'll be showing up on my pin-map soon, if they haven't already.

The Beige Man by Helene Tursten. This is a Swedish mystery, starring Inspector Irene Huss. I liked the novelty of a happily married female detective! The case itself was pretty dark; centering around the murder of a young girl who was a victim of sex trafficking, but Inspector Irene Huss's happy home life was a nice contrast. Some of the phrasing was a little odd here and there, which I'm going to chalk up to translation, since it wasn't one of the typical Swedish translators I'm used to, but overall I really liked it.

The House of Hades by Rick Riordan. I've really been enjoying the Heroes of Olympus series, although I think that this book wasn't quite as good as book three, The Mark of Athena. If you haven't read any of them, this series picks up a few months after the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series ends. Percy and six comrades are on a quest to the "ancient lands" -- Greece and Italy. I love all the geographic and mythological tidbits in these books -- I have learned a ton about Greek and Roman mythology while reading them, and had a fair number of giggles at the teenagers' antics. I'm about to start the final book, hopefully it will be awesome!

Yes Please! by Amy Poehler. I was surprised that I didn't like this more. I love Parks and Rec so much, I expected to love the book. It was decent on audio, but I think I might've given up in print. I mostly just kept listening because her delivery is pretty funny. Really, I think that Rob Lowe's amazing memoirs have just ruined the humorous celebrity memoir genre for me, nothing else is as funny.

Plague Land by S.D. Sykes. This is a mystery set in 1350 England. Oswald de Lacy never expected to be a Lord. But when his father and two elder brothers are all struck down by the plague, young Oswald is thrust into leadership. And then two young girls are murdered on his estate, and the local priest swears that dog-headed men of the Devil did the killing. Oswald doesn't believe the priest, so he investigates the murders as best he can.

Beauty by Robin McKinley. The January pick for the YA Book & Movie Club, Beauty is like an old friend. I loved this book in elementary and middle school, and since I haven't read it in nearly twenty years, I'm loving rediscovering it. As always, McKinley does a superb job of putting her own twist on a standard fairy tale (this time that of Beauty and the Beast).

What do YOU pin on Pinterest?

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