January 29, 2015

Currently // What I'm Enjoying, Reading, Worrying About, and Looking Forward To

Time: 7:25am
Wishing // there had been more sleep last night. Juliet has been doing better, even sleeping through the night 3-4 nights a week, but last night was an aberration. Instead of giving you the long boring play-by-play which I'm so tempted to share (so that you know the true extent of my suffering, haha!), let's just say that she was AWFUL last night, and I don't function on 4.5-5 hours of sleep. So this should be an interesting day.
Looking forward to // our trip to San Francisco in April! I'm getting so excited and so nervous. Eleanor is ecstatic, because "she's wanted to fly on an airplane for her WHOLE life". Airplane with kids! Eeks. Noel and I went to SF for our honeymoon almost nine years ago, so it'll be awesome to see the city again, through a very different lens this time.
Reading // While I was up in the night I read about 40% of a book called Bon Appetempt, but I might bail. First of all, it's weird to read the memoir of someone only a year old than me. Secondly, she's kind of smug, and who wants to read a memoir like that? But yesterday I also started Too Bad to Die, a novel about Ian Fleming's spying activities during World War Two, and it's really good so far. I read a Mrs. Pollifax book from the library too, and I forgot how fun that series is. I may have to reread more of them.
Worrying about // kindergarten next year. Just when I get myself mentally resolved on something, "Eleanor will be going to such-and-such school", I end up talking to some other mom who has heard amazing things about this school, or terrible things about that school, etc, and I get all wishy-washy again. Plus; I really wanted her to do half day, but then I found out that half day kinder is pretty much all academics, it's only the all day kids who get PE and art and stuff. And I don't want her to think school is dull, but I don't know if I want her away six hours a day, ack! (And before anyone mentions it, homeschool is a no-go. I don't think I have the patience, and Eleanor has expressed in no uncertain terms how much she does not want to be homeschooled.) Decisions, decisions. This parenting thing certainly doesn't get easier as they get older.
Enjoying // the weather. Part of me is feeling panicky that "winter" lasted for about 6 days, which probably means we're going to be in for another awful summer. But instead of dreading the 7 months of weather I hate, I decided to enjoy the 5 months that I like! So since January temps in Tucson are basically like late spring for the rest of you, we've been outside so much. Park time, walks, picnics, you name it. I've been averaging 9500 steps a day all month, which is awesome.
Scheming about // living room artwork. I bought a picture at Goodwill just for the frame, and hacked it apart. Now I'm weathering a map on my front porch (hoping tea + sunshine will fade it appropriately) and then some mod-podging is in order! If it turns out well, I'll post pics. If it doesn't, you'll probably never hear of it again.
Eating // Nothing at the moment. Although this might be a cookies-for-breakfast kind of day. But last night we made bacon and tomato pasta for dinner, and it was delicious. The tomatoes cut the grease, so it's much lighter than a carbonara, and the garlicky, slightly spicy flavor was great.
Time: 7:42am. Time to go get Eleanor ready for school!
Time: 7:48am. Whew, I found six typos! I'm sleepy, hope I didn't miss any more. Also forgot to say I'm planning to link up with Leigh Kramer's What I'm Into link-up. Now it's REALLY time to get ready.