March 25, 2015

Feeling Smarter: Links and Things

  • Liking Grammarly on Facebook means that my news feed is now full of awesomeness like the above picture.
  • I'm fascinated by this article about how speaking a second language can change your brain.
  • This podcast episode is making me think hard about some of the tech choices in my life, especially with regard to the kids.
  • Daily French practice on DuoLingo is making me feel smarter. (I think you can connect with people you know? I'm JessAHow if you want to try to find me.)
  • I'm officially 23 books ahead of schedule on my 2015 reading challenge, ha!
  • We broke out the wading pool today, because it's practically summer here.
  • Don't forget, the giveaway is still open!
  • I thought Fuck You, Clean Reader: Authorial Consent Matters was funny and very profane, and pretty accurate. (I almost edited that to F*** You... but since the whole article is about the use of profanity in literature, I feel like I can't censor it!)
  • And leaving you with the awesomeness of this video where Tom Hanks reenacts all of his movies in less than 7 minutes. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it now!

(Update: in the comments Missy G pointed out that I linked to the wrong article for the F--- You one, it's fixed now! Thanks Missy.)