March 18, 2015

Spring Break Reading

It's spring break! We've been doing lots of outdoorsy stuff before it gets too hot to go outside in the daytime - I think we've had 8 picnics in the last week? We went to the zoo and the TFOB, and we have done a ton of bike-riding and walking.

We also have been at the library a lot. I shared the photo below on the Quirky Bookworm Facebook page last week, and I took the video (embedded at the top of the post) at story time this week. Juliet is a BIG fan of the turnaround song - I can't handle how cute her dancing is.

[Sidenote: I have around 400 Quirky Bookworm fans on Facebook, but only 80-100 of you see most of my posts because of the algorithms Facebook uses. Plus, this week FB's changing things so that unengaged fans will be automatically removed from pages. So if you want to see more of my posts, make sure that you 'like' or comment on things that show up in your feed! That way FB will show you more of them, and they won't un-like the page on your behalf.]

We scored some fun library books, including Hop! Hop! from my Easter requests, and a book about the San Francisco earthquake that has fascinated Eleanor. I want to find more books about San Francisco for her to read up on before we go, but the library branch we were at for story time had a sadly limited selection. I'm going to reserve a bunch of stuff from other locations to pick up in a week or two.

I blew threw Susanna Kearsley's Firebird on audio, and I finally got the e-book of All the Light We Cannot See I've been waiting for! Next up, I want to hurry and read a few to-review books, like The Ladies of Managua and The Alchemist's Daughter, before I let myself indulge in more fun reads.

And since it's spring break, I'll probably keep posting at somewhat random times this week. So stay tuned! Eleanor and I are having a mommy-daughter date to go see Cinderella on Friday, maybe I'll post a movie review for a change of pace.

What are YOU doing for Spring Break?