March 21, 2015

Currently // What I'm Eating / Watching / Scheming / Loving

Time // 10:37 am
Scheming // We've been taking the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class through our church. Tomorrow is the last class, so we spent some time this morning budgeting and planning our order of attack for the next few months. I'm hoping we can have our van paid off by the end of the year! 
Eating // Noel and I are going to Olive Garden for lunch, thanks to Gma inviting the girls over for a tea party, and a giftcard that someone else gave us. Since we're on a strict budget (because of FPU), the goal is to keep our date within the $25 giftcard! So I'm going to scope out the menu in a minute, to maximize the number of cheesy calories per dollar, heehee.
Reading // On audio I'm listening to The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, which I loved for the first two thirds. It's in a bit of an annoying part now, but I'm only 2 hours from the end, so I'm going to stick it out, and hopefully it'll get better again. I'm also reading The Ladies of Managua, and really enjoying it. (It's for Shelf Awareness - it'll be out in May.) Plus, it's set in Nicaragua, so it'll add a little diversity to my book map!
Watching // Basketball (see above). Noel's so excited about March Madness, and I've been watching some too, because of the fun of filling out a bracket. I really could care less about the actual basketball games, but I love the competition of trying to guess right ahead of time! We've also been watching the Easter bunnies race - we have two like in the pic, and if you pull their tails they shoot across the table, much to Juliet's delight.

Loving // the books that Eleanor has been writing. They're so dang cute. This one, about a princess who had a bed made of flower petals, was from about 3 weeks ago. She's progressed to writing chapter books - her latest was about a girl named Ella who hunted for Easter eggs, then got a pink nose, then went to the doctor and discovered she had a "nose infecshun". It was like 42 sticky-note pages long!
Enjoying // that Juliet is finally sleeping better. She's slept through the night 3 out of the last 4 nights! Just in time too, since in only a month we'll be traveling, and all of us will be sleeping in one hotel room. 
Wishing // I was better at scheduling holds in Overdrive. I have several review books to hurry and finish in the next two weeks, plus from the library I just got All the Light You Cannot See AND The Goldfinch. I've been on hold for those two for about 4 months, so I can't skip them. So I'm reading rather frenziedly whenever I get a minute.
Time // 10:57 am. My twenty minutes is up. Time to all of us dressed and out the door for the tea party and date. Have a great weekend!