August 26, 2012

So, Who Wants to See Pie Charts About Themselves?

One year ago today, I quit my bookstore job after more than six years there. And, two days later I started Quirky Bookworm! I'm going to do a whole series of Blogiversary related posts this week (including TWO giveaways!) But first, a little more about you: the awesome Quirky Bookworm readers.

You may remember that about a month ago I did a survey. 65 of you participated, and here are some fun (well, I  think they're fun!) graphic breakdowns of the info that you guys gave me.

First of all: I apparently attract mostly readers within my own age bracket.
And I definitely attract readers of my own gender.

I think my favorite breakdown is how many books you all read though. I expected this too be a sort of bell curve, with few people at each end and more in the middle. But it didn't quite pan out that way. I wonder if the smallness of the 81-100 category, is because if you get close to 100 you might be tempted to read a couple of extra books to break the 100 mark?
Ironically, "Literary and Historical Fiction" was far and away your preferred genre. That's funny since it's probably my least-read genre! I'll try and start reading more of it though, so that I can review more books that you like.

As for your favorite Quirky Bookworm posts, it was kind of all over the place. The two highest categories were "Musings on Life as a Bookworm" and "What I've Been Reading" but I got answers for every kind of post. Since very few people said Weekend Links, I think I'm going to probably stop doing those posts, and just post more links on Twitter and on the Facebook page. Only one person said that Judging Books by their Covers is their favorite, but I think those posts are super fun, and I get more comments on those than any others, so they're staying! But I think a weekly "What I've Been Reading" round up is a good idea.

I love the panic induced by the "Who's Your Favorite Author?" question! And I really appreciated the feedback on ideas for things you'd like to see me post about. But I think those will have to be a separate post later in the week, because this post is already long.

But thanks so much for participating in the survey! I had a lot of fun with it. And thanks so much for reading, and commenting, and hanging around in this corner of the Internet! Quirky Bookworm wouldn't be here without you!

Well, maybe it would be. But I'd just be a crazy person talking to myself.

Did any of the survey results surprise you? 'Fess up: which books-per-year bracket do you fall into?